Why is a spa session what your body and mind need?

To get away from stress and take care of our body and mind, a spa session is the perfect solution to tune up our body and recharge our energy. It offers numerous benefits that will increase our well-being in different aspects:

Physical benefits

Mental benefits

Aesthetic benefits

Do you manage a tourist accommodation and want to know what Spa&Wellness Móvil offers you?

We provide you with a complementary service that you can offer to your clients, a decisive advantage for them to finally choose you.

More and more clients are including spa&wellness services as a requirement in their search.

It makes it easier to attract clients who are looking for accommodation, not only for its location, but also for the services it offers.

This health tourism is preferred by those who want to combine leisure with relaxation and wellness.

What products do we use in our treatments?

At the heart of our products we use essential oils, of pharmaceutical quality and of the highest possible naturalness. They are formulated by a team of professionals who guarantee optimal tolerance and respect for the skin.

How many treatments are necessary?

There are many reasons why our body can be affected on a daily basis. From a bad posture in the office to a wrong movement while sleeping. That is why, after a preliminary check-up, we will advise you on which treatments should be carried out to treat the problem in question.

Who are our professionals?

They are specialists with exclusive dedication, with the aim of offering the client the best possible therapeutic and human treatment. They focus their activity on 3 pillars that we consider essential for excellent care and continuous improvement: client assistance, training and activities to promote teamwork. In this way, we ensure constant training and professional development, which benefits our patients.

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